Josephine Sarah Marcus-Earp - Misc. Characters

Josephine Sarah Marcus-Earp 1860-1944 (Wyatt Earps wife)

Josephine Sarah Marcus-Earp.
This famous old photo is said to be Josie, Wyatt Earp's wife for a time. She was born in 1860 in New York City, to German immigrants. They then moved to the 'city by the bay' San Francisco when Josie was six. She eventually left home around age eighteen to and became an actress. She met up with the infamous Wyatt Earp when her troupe made its way to the rough and ready town of Tombstone, Arizona. The rest is history, and we shall never know just why this photo is said to be of her, if indeed it isn't her.


Here is another opinion that thinks that it is not her in that picture: