White boy's escape from the Indians 1865

(Norfolk Virginian Newspaper, Norfolk, Norfolk Co, Virginia, Friday, December 29, 1865)
The St Louis Democrat says: Lieutenant Thomas E. Salles, of the 13th Missouri Cavalry, communicates the following interesting statement, from Mount Station, Colorado Territory:
"On the 27th of November, 1865, a small boy, supposed to be about 12 years of age, of rather dark complexion, black hair and black eyes, came into a ranch near Mount Station, of the overland stage line running from Atchison, Kansas, to Denver City, Colorado -- about 170 miles east of Denver. He could speak very little plain English, but by signs, could easily be understood. I (being in command of the military at Mount Station) on hearing of his arrival, immediately brought him to my station. He is now here, and is learning to talk very fast. He informs me that the Sioux Indians have had him captive for many years, but he don't know how many. He don't know anything about his parents, but supposes that they were killed by the Indians at the time of his capture. He neither knows his name or where he was captured. He left the Indians on the 24th inst., 80 miles south of this place, on the Republican River, 3,000 in number. He luckily made his escape on a pony, but running his pony to death the first night, he was then compelled to take it afoot for 3 days, arriving at the ranch on the evening of the 27th. All that he had to eat after leaving the Indians until he arrived at the ranch was one crow that he found dead, and a piece of a dead ox. He says the Sioux Indians have 2 white women and several Negroes captives now. He is a good looking and intelligent youth. I take this method of informing the public of the unknown's whereabouts. We are now under marching orders and will march to St Louis, Missouri, to be mustered out soon. I think we will be at St Louis between the 1st and the 5th of January, 1866. I will bring the boy with me, and if any of his relatives (should he have any) see this and come and identify him, they can have him, if not, I expect to take him home with me (to Mercer County, Missouri) and educate him. All editors who see this, will please let it find room in their columns.

Thomas E. Salles, Lieut., Co C., 18th Mo Cav Vols"