Battle of the Slim Buttes 1876

Ever since Col. Wesley Merritt and his 5th Cavalry joined his column in july, Gen. george Crook had been chasing Indians. After marching down Rosebud Creek and the Tongue and Powder Rivers, cross-country to the Little Missouri River, and south toward the Black Hills, the expedition was out of supplies and starving. Finally, on 9 September, Lt. Anson Mills and about 130 troopers of the 3rd Cavalry stumbled into Chief American Horse's camp of 37 Lakota lodges, near present-day reva, South-Dakota. The soldiers drove the surprised Indians into the bluffs south of Gap Creek, but the Lakotas fought back until the rest of Crook's command appeared, around noon. Some Indians trapped in a gulch near the village inflicted several casualties before they surrendered. In the late afternoon, some of Crazy Horse's warriors from nearby village attacked, but Crook's men drove them off. Crook destroyed the village and continued south on his "starvation march". Crook's losses were 2 soldiers and 1 guide killed and 15 wounded, including Lt. Adolphus H. Von Luettwitz. About 14 lakotas were killed, and American Horse was mortally wounded; 23 Indians were captured.

This text was copied by Frank with permission of the author Gregory F. Michno from his book ENCYCLOPEDIA of Indian Wars 1850-1890, from pages 298-299.