Nana - Mimbreno Apache

Nana 1800?-1896

Nana was a famous Chiricahua (Mimbrenos were Chiricahua subtribe) Apache leader. He was probably born in Mimbres country about 1800. He was a nephew of Delgadito, and married a sister of Geronimo. Nana was often with Victorio in his many battles. It is interesting to realize, however, he was of a prior generation to Victorio. When Nana went through all the trials of Victorio and Geronimo he was already an old man, in his seventies and eighties. Nevertheless in 1881, when he was about 80 he led a legendary raid across southern New Mexico. He had, at most, only 40 warriors with him, often only 15, but he covered 1000 miles and fought a dozen skirmishes, in which 30 to 50 Americans were killed. He also captured 200 horses and mules. He escaped to Mexico with Geronimo, but was sent with Geronimo to Florida, and later Oklahoma. He died completely unrepentant at Fort Sill, Oklahoma 19 May 1896, nearly a hundred years old. His widow died in 1907.

To read more about Nana, consult:

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This text was taken from: with the permission of Paul R. Machula.