Two Moons - Northern Cheyenne

Two Moons 1847-1917

Two Moons was one of the nine little chiefs of the Fox warrior society of the Northern Cheyennes. Two Moons fought alongside other Cheyennes and Sioux like Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull in the Sioux wars of the 1870s. During the War for the Black Hills (1876-77), Two Moons led warriors to destroy the white camp set up by Col. Joseph Reynolds. One of his wives was an Arapaho woman.

Two Moons also fought at the battle of the Little Big Horn. Though he had a reputation of a man who greatly exaggerated his own participation on the battle of the Little Big Horn among the Cheyennes. He told numerous times to white people who interwieved him, about his own importance in the battle, though all other Cheyennes say he never was nothing but one warrior among others. Brave though, but not as important for the battle as he says he was. Another famous Cheyenne; Wooden Leg tells alot about this in his book; Wooden Leg, A Warrior Who Fought Custer. Two Moons exaggeration was partly also General Miles fault, who told to many white people that Two Moons was a leader of Cheyennes when Cheyennes came to surrender at Fort Keogh. Two Moons just never did anything to correct the false words of Miles but on the contrary he continued telling people that he was a big chief. He was a good warrior but not a big chief.