Red Horse - Miniconjou / Sioux (Lakota)


Red Horse 1822-1907

Red Horse (TASUNKA LUTA) was born in 1822 in to the Wagleza-oin (Gartersnake earring) band, Miniconjou subdivision of Sioux tribe.
He was one of the principal chiefs of the Miniconjous (150 lodges) at the "Little Big Horn" camp.
During the famous battle, he actively fought against both Reno and Custer. He was involved in hand to hand fighting during the overrunning and pursuit of captain Miles Keogh's "I" Company, and claimed to have picked up several cartridge belts still full of ammunition.
In 1881 he made 41 drawings depicting the battle, and later on issued several interwiews to the white writers about his point of view on "Little Big Horn".
He married twice and had three childrens. He died in 1907.

Credits: Charlie